Use Module::Build::Tiny as Debian policy compliant

I tried to make Google::API::Client deb package, it requires Module::Build::Tiny, and dh-make-perl don’t suppot it, so I worte a override code in debian/rules.

./Build install –destdir=$$(pwd)/debian/$pkgname –installdirs=vendor

More elegant answer should be to add Module::Build::Lite support to dh-make-perl.


This probrem is only wheezy, I don’t need such workaround on sid. Thank you greoga.

2 thoughts on “Use Module::Build::Tiny as Debian policy compliant”

  1. AFAIK, dh-make-perl doesn’t have and never had problems with Module::Build::Tiny, and we’re having a bunch of modules using it packaged in the pkg-perl group.

    My guess about your problem (–long-option-names?) is that you need a new enough debhelper (at least 9.20130630, cf. #714544; or better 9.20140227, cf. #737662).


    1. Ah, you are right.
      My environment is wheezy, and tried on sid and it works fine.

      Thank you the notice.

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