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Jessie installer with kvm/serial console

I tried to install Jessie on a brand-new virtual machine (kvm), but it has a problem about serial console login.

At least, wheezy installer worked fine because it adds getty entry on /etc/inittab. Jessie uses systemd but no care about getty service for serial console. The probrem is reported as #769406.

My solution is invoke “systemctl enable serial-getty@ttyS0.service” via ssh.

Weak ssh public keys in github

A presentation slide, named “Attacking against 5 millions SSH public keys – 偶然にも500万個のSSH公開鍵を手に入れた俺たちは” is published, it is a lightning talk in “Edomae security seminar” in Jan 24, 2015.

 He grabbed ssh public keys with  GitHub API (${user}.key), the API is obsoleted, but not closed.

He found short (<= 512 bit) DSA/RSA keys and can solve prime decomposition 256bit RSA key in 3 seconds.

And he repoted there are 208 weak ssh keys generated by Debian/Ubuntu (CVE-2008-0166). It was already announced  by GitHub.

On the other hand, such ssh keys couldn’t solve prime decomposition with fastgcd. It means almost ssh keys in GitHub has no bias in almost random number generators implementations, it is a good news.

Use Module::Build::Tiny as Debian policy compliant

I tried to make Google::API::Client deb package, it requires Module::Build::Tiny, and dh-make-perl don’t suppot it, so I worte a override code in debian/rules.

./Build install –destdir=$$(pwd)/debian/$pkgname –installdirs=vendor

More elegant answer should be to add Module::Build::Lite support to dh-make-perl.


This probrem is only wheezy, I don’t need such workaround on sid. Thank you greoga.

120th Tokyo area debian seminar

I had attend 120th Tokyo area Debian seminar at Shinjuku.

An attendee brought hp Jornada 780 and tried to install Debian, so I helped him.

Using a kernel, boot loader and userland from “Lenny on j720” page and it worked fine, except PCMCIA NIC.

His NIC is Corga PCC-TD is not listed in /etc/pcmcia/*. I didn’t have enough time to write it, so I couldn’t check it.

However, later releases after Lenny don’t have “arm” architecuture, so it should be hard to upgrade it. I don’t know recent Linux kernel work on Jornada 780. The configuration and code for jonrnada 780 are still in the kernel, but it wouldn’t be tested anyone.


How do I broadcast video streaming with Free Software?

I, as a member of FSIJ, consider to broadcast a Software Freedome Day in Japan. In the past, I can do it with gstreamer and icecast2 in The 5th International GPLv3 Conference. Howerver, gstreamer command is very complex and the Interface had changed, so I can’t re-do it by my old script.

Usteram is easy to use, but it is not Free Software. I could find such packages in Debian repos:

I’ll try to use them and to find the good tool.

Update 2013/12/16

I had got a mail to use xiph’s vorbis encoder instead of ffmpeg internal vorbis encoder:

ffmpeg -s 320×240 -f video4linux2 -i /dev/video0 -b 128k \
-f alsa -ac 2 -i hw:0,0 -acodec libvorbis -vcodec libtheora -r 25 -f ogg -\
|oggfwd host.example 8000 passwd /test.ogv

The different is “-acodec libvorbis” option. Thank you for the information.