4 thoughts on “OpenBlocks A6 work with FreeBSD

    1. My post is a little bit cause a confuse.
      OpenBlocks officially support Debian armhf, but Sato-san hacks pure FreeBSD, not Debian GNU/kFreeBSD.
      However, there is a potential to work GNU/kFreeBSD-armhf.

      1. i love PC-BSDfreeBSD in a linux fashion waya dirsto, 2 cds, easy to install, freebsd at core,fast. install sound and kde at install.comes with some apps at choice, installable at initial instalationpbi packages one click. install. if instaled. 1 clicks, uninstallseasy, secure, very fun, ITS BSD

  1. FreeBSD is the most popular of the open socure Unix operating systems this is not true at all and the only way to you can attempt to justify this statement is that OSX uses a SMALL BIT of freebsd. This does not make FreeBSD and OSX one in the same.

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