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Debian seminar in Yokohama, 2017/11/18

I had attended to Tokyo area debian seminar #157. The day’s special guest is Chris Lamb, the Debian Project Leader in 2017. He had attended to Open Compliance Summit, so we invited him as our guest.

The following pdf file is the day’s presentation:

And Hideki Yamane(henrich) talked about a new idea of Debian distribution ‘fresh’, pull-based rolling release. The details would be published by him in a few days.

There were some discussion, and we need to introduce more information aboud Japanese Debian/FLOSS scene, so now I am writing this article.

Anything else, I ccould get good time with debian developers and community. Our community, especially in Japan, requires more new commers, young people.

1Gbps FTTH

This month, I changed FTTH Internet from 100Mbps to 1Gbps. The costs is almost same as the past line.

To change the line, I had need to be witness in the construction, so I  couldn’t get time to attend DebConf 2015.

According to, I can get about 300 Mbps upstream bandwidth.

New year 2015

In Japan, winter holiday is a special for many people, they go back to their hometown, and take a time with family.

Of cause, I do too. Last weekend I went back to Nagoya and now I still in there. Tomorrow I’ll go to Tokyo and work after this weekend.

Many asian countries have same practice, but almost celebrate the lunar(Asian) New Year. Some countrysides in Japan people also celebrate the luna New Year, but not major in Japan.

I can take a good holiday, and I hope this year is good for everyone.


Met with a debian developer from Germany

Last weekend, I (knok), Hideki (henrich) and Yutaka (gniibe) met with John Paul Adrian Glaubitz (glaubitz).

In the past, I had met with another Germany developer Jens Schmalzing (jensen) in Japan. He was a good guy, but unfortunately he gone in 2005.

I had an old OpenPGP key with his sign. It is a record of his activity, but the key is weak nowaday (1024D), so I stop to use the key but don’t issue revoke.

Anyway glaubitz is also a good guy, and he loves old videogame console. gniibe gave him five DreamCast consoles. I bring him to SUPER POTATO, a old videogame shop. He bought some software for Virtual Boy.

DebConf 2015 will hold in Germany, I want to go for it if I can.


10th Kernel/VM Explorers

I attend 10th Kernel/VM Explorers (Japanese page) in Sun May 25 at Jinbocho, Tokyo as a audience.

The event awards “The Most Insane Presentation” to @kanorimon. Her presetation was “Implement PDP-11 interpriter”. The implementation is written by Java, and it works to build UNIX V6 itself, yes it is really insane.

She may be 19th or 20th (collage freshwoman), I can feel the future.

Update: Many photos are available:

KAKASI 2.3.5 released

KAKASI 2.3.5 had released. The previous release was over 10 yers ago.

In 2006, I tried to release 2.3.5, but I hadn’t to complete relase jobs. However almost jobs were finished, so it was easy to release for me.

But some bugs are discovered so I’ll release 2.3.6 in a few days.

The Internet Timeline in Japan

JPNIC published “The Internet Timeline” (Japanese version is also there).

My first contact with the Internet was about 20 years ago. I was a Universal student. The University had 64kbps bandwidth, it was really slow.

Nowerday, I have 128kbps mobile network with 950 yen/month. It is usable for some use case, like text messaging.


Update 2013/12/14Nowaday, the mobile internet service is improved, so I can use 30+Mbps LTE connection with 500MB/month limitation, and if I reached the limitation, I can access with 200Kbps speed limitation.

BPS in Tokyo

I had attend to Debian Bug Squashing Party in Tokyo at 24th Nov. 2012. The place was provided by Plat’Home Co., Ltd.

The attendee was about 7 people, it’s not so many men.

My big problem is unblocking file-mmagic package. I sent an unblocking request mail, but it has invalid From email address, so I couldn’t trace the discussion.
My fault is changing source format to 3.0(quilt). It is a big change for testing.
Now I am making a new package for testing-proposed-update.
It seems about 10 RC bugs had closed by all attendees. Thank you the attendees, especially the cordinator Hideki Yamane.
The network in the place had provied by OpenBlocks, the product of Plat’Home.